My Life Story In A Nutshell:

I am a singer, actress, and dancer born and raised just north of NYC in Westchester, NY.  I first began performing as a nationally competitive figure skater and synchronized skater at the age of eight.  Other than belting out Annie in the living room everyday of my young life, I had not begun performing off of the ice. I did, however, love the theatre. Every Christmas my Grandma would take me into the city to see a Broadway show.  I will never forget my first Broadway experience at five years old. I sat in the fourth row of Cats and was petrified when the cats crawled through the aisle space right behind me.  They were so close that their sweat flicked onto me, and I cried to my Grandma, "The cats are peeing on me!"  Oh the wonderful world of five-year-olds!

Growing up my Grandpa always had a running joke with me. While handing me my birthday or Christmas money, he would jokingly tell me, "use the money for voice lessons!" Well Grandpa, the joke is on you!  Little did he know, voice lessons and a professional career in musical theater was not far off!

I began studying voice and performing in musicals in 9th grade, and as they say, the rest is all history!  I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Music (Vocal Performance) along with a B.S.B.A in Business from Bucknell University.  I was extremely fortunate to begin working professionally at an Equity house a week after graduation.

Since moving to NYC, I have strived to do everything I can to be successful in this business! I feel so blessed to have already achieved some of my dreams at such a young age, including touring for nine months with one of my favorite musicals, Legally Blonde: The Musical (what can I say...I am a sorority girl)!  I have many more dreams to achieve, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will get there!  

Nicole Colon
Nicole Colon
Nicole Colon Actress